Monday, March 2, 2009

No self-confidence

Calvin's Institutes

Book Two - The Knowledge of God the Redeemer in Christ,
First Disclosed to the Fathers under the Law,
and then to us in the Gospel

Chapter 1 - By the Fall of revolt of Adam the whole human race was delivered to the curse, and degenerated from its original condition; the doctrine of original sin

Sections 1-3 - A true knowledge of ourselves destroys self-confidence
Section 1 - Wrong and right knowledge of self
Gen 1:27 - we are made in God's image.

Section 2 - Man by nature inclines to deluded self-admiration
We don't want to believe ourselves inherently sinful.

Section 3 - The two chief problems of self-knowledge
We think we're just fine, compared with our own standard.
But our original design and purpose by God shows us lacking.

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