Friday, April 10, 2009

Before His very Eyes

Institutes of the Christian Religion (1559) - John Calvin
Book 2 - God the Redeemer

Chapter 8 - Explanation of the Moral Law:
The 10 Commandments

Sections 13-50 - Detailed exposition of the 10 commandments

Section 13-16 - The First Commandment
Section 13 - Preface
God claims His authority to command, and shows His promise to bless.
Rom 11:36.

Section 14 - Preface - "I am Yahweh your God."
He is OUR God. Jer 31:33; Matt 22:32; Deut 7:6; 14:2; 26:18-19.
This calls us to holiness and reverence - Lev 11:44; Mal 1:6.

Section 15 - Preface - "Who brought you out of Egpyt"
God prevents the "crime of ingratitude" in this phrase.
God describes Himself in phrases like this to distinguish Himself from idols,
and to bind Himself to His people - Ex 3:6; Amos 1:2; Hab 2:20; Ps 80:1; 99:1; Isa 37:16.
Israel's bondage to Egypt is a type of our spiritual bondage to sin.

Section 16 - The First Commandment - "no other gods"
God shows He wants "complete authority over [us]."
We must adore, trust, call upon, and thank Him alone.
"Before Me" - any spiritual adultery we commit happens right in front of Him, "like a shameless woman who brings in an adulterer before her husband's very eyes only to vex his mind the more."

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