Thursday, February 26, 2009

Does God "repent"?

Calvin's Institutes - I.17 - Applying Providence
Sections 12-14 - Answer to objections
Section 12 - On God's "repentance"
He appears to change His plan.
Gen 6:6; 1 Sam 15:11; Jer 18:8; Jon 3:4, 10; Isa 38:1, 5.
God's "change of mind is to be taken figuratively."
1 Sam 15:29; Num 23:19.

Section 13 - This makes allowance for our understanding
His anger doesn't mean He is emotional; He is exercising judgment.
His repentance doesn't mean change of His plan, but of His actions.

Section 14 - God firmly executes His plan
God's decree wasn't to destroy Nineveh, but to warn and change it.
He rebukes us with a warning He has not decreed, to spark our change.
Gen 20:3, 7; Isa 14:27.

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