Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let Us Pen Up Our Minds

Calvin's Institutes
Book 1 - Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 14 - Even in Creation Scripture distinguishes the True God from false gods
Sections 1-2 - Creation of the world and of man
Section 1 - We cannot and should not go behind God's act of creation in our speculation
God gives us a history of creation to bolster our faith in the true God.
Knowing the age of the world (not yet 6000 years) leads us to wonder more at God's eternity.
Scripture helps our blindness of spirit like spectacles help our blindness of eye.
We should accept God's secret purposes and will, rather than question His timing in creation; else we wrong God.
We have enough to study in 6000 years of earth history;
we don't need to speculate out into space or back before time.

Section 2 - The work of 6 days shows God's goodness toward men
God took 6 days to create the world, not one moment.
The sabbath teaches us to subject our reason to quiet.
He provides for man like a father, preparing all good things before bringing him into the world.
All 3 Persons are involved in creation.

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