Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Certain Frenzied Persons - Refuting Trinitarian Error

Calvin's Institutes
Book 1 - Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 13 - One essence of God, which contains Three Persons
Sections 21-29 - Refutation of anti-Trinitarian heresies
Section 21 - The ground of all heresy: a warning to all
Satan has stirred up trouble over the Trinity for a long time.
We aren't an able witness to God's nature; 
we don't even know what the sun is made of!
Come to the Trinity "with teachableness, not with subtlety."
Let Scripture rule, not your mind's curiosity.

Section 22 - Servetus' contention against the Trinity
Servetus says the persons are just visible expressions of God.
John 1:1 (Word with God) and John 17:5 (Son's glory with Father's) contradict this.

Section 23 - The Son is God even as the Father
Others say the Son and Spirit get their deity infused from the Father.
They say Son & Father cannot both be God, for the Son is Son of God.
But the God Isaiah saw (Isa 6) was Christ (John 12:41).
The God who swore by Himself (Isa 45:23) was Christ (Rom 14:11).
The God who "founded heaven and earth" (Ps 102:25) was Christ (Heb 1:10).
The God the angels adore (Ps 97:7) was Christ (Heb 1:6).
The Son has being in Himself.
The Spirit comes from the Christ and the Father (Rom 8:9), so how can the essence of God come only from the Father, as they say?

Section 24 - The name "God" in Scripture does not refer to the Father alone
Matt 19:17 (no one is good but God) proves Jesus is God, for Jesus was good.
"Whatever is of God is also attributed to Christ."
1 Tim 1:17; Rom 16:27; Rom 3:4; Ex 20:3=Phil 2:10
Jesus was equal to God before His Incarnation (Phil 2:6-7).
The Father does not deify the Son; the Son was there uncreated from the beginning (Gen 1:26).

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