Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crammed with thoughts not humanly conceived

Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion
Book One - the Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 8 - So far as human reason goes, sufficiently firm proofs are at hand to establish the credibility of Scripture
Section 1-4 - The unique majesty and impressiveness, and the high antiquity, of Scripture
Section 1 - Scripture is superior to all human wisdom
You need the Spirit's testimony to Scripture's divine source before human arguments will help. When the former is present, the latter will be of secondary assistance.
Scripture is shown to be from God in that it shows God's wisdom, in how all the parts fit together beautifully, but most of all in the "grandeur of subjects." There may be more eloquent writing, but it pales next to the penetrating Word.

Section 2 - Not style but content is decisive
The Bible's content could not have been humanly conceived.
Its style is sometimes rustic, sometimes eloquent;
but the Spirit brings the majesty through the events and thoughts.

Section 3 - The great antiquity of Scripture
Moses recalls Abraham's covenant and prophecy of 400 years in Egypt.
Egypt or Greece are not nearly so old as Abraham.

Section 4 - The truhfulness of Scripture shown by Moses' example
Moses records Levi's wickedness, his own ancestor!
Also Aaron and Miriam's grumblings.
These would not be recorded were it a merely human book.

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