Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Evidence demanding a verdict is backwards

Book One - The Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 7 - Scripture Must be confirmed by the witness of the Spirit; it is a wicked falsehood that its credibility depends on the judgment of the church
Section 4 - The witness of the holy Spirit: this is stronger than all proof
For any doctrine to be credible, God must be its author.
Besides arguments of proof, the Spirit convinces us that God speaks in the Bible.
We ought not "dwell on rational proofs," or "boast of [our] keenness."
Trying to build faith in Scripture on arguments is "doing things backwards."
The Spirit's testimony is superior to human reason and our arguments.
The Spirit is our seal and guarantee (2 Cor 1:22), which shall never fail (Isaiah 59:21).

Section 5 - Scripture bears its own authentication
"It is not right to subject [the Bible] to proof and reasoning."
God Himself authenticates His Scriptures to us.
To be true faith, the Spirit must seal it in us.
"The beginning of true doctrine [is an] eagerness to hear God's voice."

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