Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hear our case, O King

Preface to the King of France, section 1
My intent in writing was to help people understand the basics of the faith.
But the persecution of believers in your land made it necessary to turn it into a defense of Protestants before you.
Don't convict us by mere accusation; hear us out.
We are slandered when they say we mean to topple kings and bring in anarchy.
If it is true, we deserve to be burned at the stake.

Preface to the King of France, section 2
I have "much natural affection" for my homeland, France, but in its current religious state, "do not much regret being excluded."
Ungodly men persecute us, and we go undefended.
A true king considers himself a minister of God in governing his kingdom.
Our adversaries can't stand hearing from us that God should get ALL the glory.
Our adversaries insist on either an implicit faith in the judgment of the church, or on retaining the Mass, purgatory, pilgrimages, etc., both of which keep their bellies full.

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