Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Such is our stupidity"

Book One - the Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 5 - Knowledge of God shines forth in the fashioning of the universe and the continuing government of it
Section 1-10 - God manifested in his created works
Section 10 - The purpose of this knowledge of God
Knowing God leads us to worship Him, and hope for His just judgment of this world in the future world.

Section 11-12 - Man nevertheless, failing to know and worship Him, falls into superstition and confusion
Section 11 - The evidence of God in creation does not profit us
Because we're too stupid to get the point.
We all reject God; we each make up our own unique idol to replace Him.
Even philosophers like Plato fail, in that they don't get beyond their thoughts to their Creator.

Section 12 - The manifestation of God is choked by human superstition and the error of the philosophers
Idols flow from our minds as naturally as water from a spring.
When we invent idols ourselves, others respond with exasperated atheism.

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