Monday, January 19, 2009

A "pernicious error" refuted

Book One - The Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 7 - Scripture Must be confirmed by the witness of the Spirit; it is a wicked falsehood that its credibility depends on the judgment of the church
Section 1 - Scripture has its authority from God, not from the church
This is true because the Scriptures testify of Jesus (John 5:39).
Their Biblical status does not depend upon the judgment of men.

Section 2 - The church is itself grounded upon ScriptureS
Ephesians 2:20 proves this.
The truth of Scripture is obvious and doesn't need the church to "render [it] authentic."

Section 3 - Augustine cannot be cited as counterevidence
He only meant that unbelievers will be persuaded by the whole Church's consensus of belief; not that a believer should trust the church's judgment instead of looking to Scripture itself. Unbelievers may respect the word of men, but when converted we respect God's Word.

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