Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Severe Mercy

Book One - the Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 5 - Knowledge of God shines forth in the fashioning of the universe and the continuing government of it
Section 1-10 - God manifested in his created works
Section 6 - The Creator reveals His lordship over the creation
In His rule He gives us gifts.
It is great sin to overlook the Giver while enjoying His gifts.

Section 7 - God's government and judgment
God is kind to all, but also brings severe judgment on the wicked.
When He punishes even one sin, it should show us how He hates all sin.
He is merciful to pursue the wicked in their sin, making them miserable in it.

Section 8 - God's sovereign sway over the life of men
The world is a theater, displaying God's kind providence.
Psalm 107:4-7, 9, 10-20, 23-30, 33-43; 113:7.
The "wise" don't seem to see this: 1 Cor 1:20; 3:19; Job 5:13.

Section 9 - We ought not to rack our brains about God; 
rather, we should contemplate Him in His works.

It's not hard to give evidence of God's majesty.
But knowledge of Him that "merely flits in the brain" is no good.
He must "take root in the heart."
We must pursue knowledge of Him in His works (Acts 17:27-8; Ps 145:3-6; 40:5).

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