Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Early Church would have Protested, too

Preface to the King of France, section 3
They say we teach novelty. It may be new to them, since they don't know the Gospel, the Scriptures, or Christ!
It is only new because it is being reclaimed after a long period of ignorance.
They say we teach uncertain things: let them be martyred for their teachings, and see how certain they are of what THEY teach.
They say we need miracles to confirm our teaching: they were given in the New Testament, to confirm the Gospel which we teach. New miracles aren't needed, for we don't teach a new Gospel.
The miralces Rome points to in order to confirm its teaching are "delusions of Satan," because they move people away from worshiping God.

Preface to the King of France, section 4
The church fathers support us more than Rome.
They weren't perfect, but where they erred, Rome teaches that error, as if they are looking for dung amidst gold.
If they heard Rome's teaching today, they wouldn't even think they were talking about God.

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