Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Know Him; Love Him; Fear Him

Book One - Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 2 - What it is to know God, and what it leads to
Section 1 - Piety is required to know God
Piety is "reverence joined with love of God."
Without our sin hindering, the order of nature reveals God to us clearly.
In sin, we can't know God as Father or Savior without Christ (2 Cor 4:6).
It's one thing to sense God created you (Father, Creator);
it's another thing to know Him in Christ (Savior, Redeemer).
There is no truth that does not come from God; 
therefore, no knowledge is religiously neutral.

Section 2 - Knowledge of God involves trust and reverence
Fear and reverence should immediately result from knowing God.
A life not serving God is wickedly corrupt.
Piety doesn't dream up its own gods, nor resist God's authority,
but submits to His judgment and justice.
Real religion is faith in God joined with fear of God, leading to worship.
Ostentatious display in worship seldom accompanies a sincere heart.

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